Only 30% of employees are engaged and committed.

While we work a large portion of our lives, less than a third of us seem to really enjoy what we do and who we do it for. We believe we can help society change this for the better by finding people the jobs they love for organisations they believe in!

Quantified Candidates

Using AI we automate the recruitment funnel and deliver quantified candidates at your doorstep. Save time, reduce bias and cut costs while using VitAI. A scientifically proven and fully automated recruitment engine attracts candidates, assesses them and matches them against your vacancies. The best thing? You don't have to do anything for it.

Step 1

Attracting Candidates

Attract candidates through AI-driven chatbot advertising, source them from LinkedIn or use your own candidate database. Using our smart advertising solutions you will increase ROI by up to 100% while at the same time cutting costs in half. We integrate with all popular chat channels.

We also integrate with all ad platforms.

Twilio DV360 LinkedIn AppNexus Weborama AdForm

Use our scientifically proven chat flow out-of-the-box for maximum result or supply your own dialogue using our visual modeller.

Step 2

Psychometric Profiling

Using advanced AI-based natural language processing, we construct a psychometric- and skill-based profile from plain text. Use our provided chat flow for maximum efficiency or supply other inputs like motivation letters, resumes and vacancy texts.

Assessment Method Completion Time Cost
Assessment Agency A few hours €€€€
Psychometric Survey 30 mins - 2 hours €€
Psychometric Gaming 20 mins - 1 hour €€
VitAI 0 - 5 mins

Extensive profiling using well-founded psychometric standards construct detailed profiles of your candidates. VitAI is the only AI recruitment solution that can accurately create these profiles from just written text, vastly increasing throughput times.

Step 3

Find that Perfect Match

Of all employees that are not engaged and committed at work, more than 80% indicate that this is because of a mismatch in culture, not because of a mismatch in what they actually do.

Remove bias and hire based on hard data

VitAI has learned what types of personalities go well with which types of jobs, teams and companies. Even more so, it uses reinforcement learning to train itself over time and get better at matching people with their dreamroles while never introducing any bias.

In-ad Recruitment

Career page? Why would you first invest money in attracting candidates towards your career page when you can bring your career page to them? VitAI allow candidates to go through the entire candidate journey within an ad - making the entire internet your career page!

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  • Save Time

    Take a step back while the internet is being searched for that ideal candidate

  • Cut Costs

    Assessment agencies, recruitment agencies and third-parties are a thing of the past

  • Remove Bias

    VitAI only looks at personality and skills and will never judge a candidate on age, gender, ehtnicity or other demographics

You're in good company!