Getting people happier in their work

UnderstandLing is a startup that is on a mission to get people happier in their work. We do this by applying AI in recruitment since 2018. We have developed a recipe for success in saving time, cutting costs and removing bias in hiring - ultimately leader to superior matches.

1. Attracting Candidates

  • Using our chatbot ads you get guaranteed higher ROI than any other form of advertising. We can even assess and match candidates in-ad, allowing them to apply for vacancies inside the ad. Who still needs a career page?
  • We integrate with all major ad platforms and on all social media.
  • Alternatively, you can use your own candidate database with CVs or motivation letters.

2. Candidate Assessment

  • Using a specifically crafted set of open-ended questions, we can accurately determine a candidate's personality and skill set.
  • But did you know that any form of open text will do? You can use your own dialogue or input form!

3. Matching

  • The same profile that we create for the candidate is created for all your vacancies on nothing more than the vacancy description itself. We match candidates against this profile.
  • We can do the same for your company profile, ensuring the candidate will have maximum affinity with your company's values.
  • Working with people you like every day - a recipe for happier work. Our matching constructs a functional image of your team and will attract candidates that will fit right in.

4. Retention

  • Sophisticated candidate journey analytics will track your recruitment funnel, even after the hire has been made.
  • Learn where you can improve best to deliver a seamless candidate experience.