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UnderstandLing was founded in 2016 by Erik Tromp, a renowned data scientist and entrepreneur who realized that understanding residuals in data of human behavior to backtrack their actions was the next frontier of analytics. He gather a handful of experts and industry leaders and started to help organizations understand their customers unparalleled.

Now, UnderstandLing is an innovative company specializing in behavioral modeling. We use state of the art artificial intelligence to surface latent intentions and motivations of human beings, your customers.

Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence helps you get answers to specific questions you have about your market. We focus and specialize in developing markets in third-world countries, using languages typically not well supported.

Whether you are looking to enter a new market in a country you are already doing business in, whether you are looking to gain ground in a new country you are not yet in or whether you are interested in knowing what occupies the minds of a specific group of people - our market intelligence service brings you these insights.

Unlike panel-based market research companies, UnderstandLing uses advanced artificial intelligence to get you the answers to the questions that you need answers to. Complete customized, we start by taking your questions and concerns, collect the relevant data, analyze the results and deliver you a detailed paper with the anwers to your questions and peculiarities we found along the way.

CV Matching

We approach CV matching different! We combine the traditional hard skills found in people's CVs with personality and psychology to make an unparallelled match between candidate and vacancy.

The de facto standard in staffing and recruitment is to match candidates from existing databases to positions. This process is limited from the candidate's perspective in that the current databases only contain static CV information and from the position's perspective in that success factors are not just based on tangible metrics like experience and education but more so on a match in personality and ambition.

Our advanced matching service combines what you already know about positions and candidates with advanced personality and psychological profiling to create a richer soil to base matching on. Not only have we shown this to be successful in highly educated, white-collar work, but we have also achieved great results in common, blue-collar work as well.

Travel Intelligence

Coming from our years of experience in market intelligence, we developed a specific expertise in analyzing the travel industry. We monitor the ins and outs of travel.

The travel industry is turning into an online business more and more, with physical travel offices rapidly disappearing. The anonimity of the internet makes finding the right destinations and tuning for you clients difficult. This is why the standard in travel is often to ask an elaborate explanation of wishes and desires. This prevents offering your clients unique advice that they haven't though of yet themselves.

We monitor the trends of the travel industry and the using profiling define the accompanying personas of those trends. While this is interesting on its own for your marketing, we take it one step further and translate these insights into highly specialized recommendations that you can give your own customers by matching their interests and travel history.

Leisure Intelligence

Coming from our years of experience in market intelligence, we developed a specific expertise in analyzing the leisure industry - spas, restaurants, amusement parks, you name it.

Similar to our travel intelligence, we have been working with leisure for many years and created some best practices for your leisure offering to benefit from. We monitor the public's opinion of your services or products and bring insights on a far more individualized level than what you are used to.

Our leisure intelligence lets you know what to focus on, what to improve but more importantly so, aids you in bringing the best offering to your customers. We put our artificial intelligence models to use to find out what your customers desire most and help you increase overall customer satisfaction scores.

Employer Branding

Specific market insights into Human Resourcing allow you to benchmark your organisation with your competitors in the market. This is what Employer Branding does.

Staffing and recruitment is a highly competitive market as the search for talent and workforce intensifies. Online presence is key for organisations that are slowly turning into employer brands. Does your organisation have what it takes to secure the talent and work force that you are looking for?

The way that potential employees see your organisation is made tangible using employer branding. Different metrics give you insights as to how your organisation performs when compared to your key competitors, benchmarked against your industry's standards. Let employer branding give you that edge in securing talent.

Happiness Scoring

How happy is... the world? On what? With whom? What about your organisation? And your customers... Answering these exact questions is what our unique happiness scoring does.

NPS scores, sentiment, customer surveys, web conversion scores - they all say something about how happy people are. People can be happy in general, with you, your organisation or your product. We combine all this data into a single, unique score that captures the happiness of people.

One of the industry standards used to measure customer satisfaction in particular is NPS. NPS is a tedious and cumbersome way of forcing your customers to tell you something you should have already known by looking at their behavior. Our Happiness Scoring service does exactly this. The best thing? You don't have to bother your customers to get it!


Our core tool CEMistry combines all your customers' touchpoints into a Single-View-of-Customer, facilitating the strongest customer analytics in the market.

When UnderstandLing was founded, we set out to build the ultimate piece of software to analyze customer-centric data. Regardless of where the data is coming from, CEMistry can capture and enrich the data to generate more detailed insights that you just don't get from the data alone. Combine that with its unique profiling capabilities and you can slice and dice through all your customer interactions and segment your customers while you are at it.

CEMistry offers realtime insights in dashboards and visuals that allow you to act on the fly, explore your data, discover patterns or simply generate your strategic monthly or weekly reports. While CEMistry is also capable of capturing all the data itself, it also integrates with existing web analytics solutions, CRM systems and social monitoring tools. Take the step towards the next level of behavioral customer experience analysis!


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Employer Branding


The advertised cases above show only a limited amount of cases that UnderstandLing has done since these are ones that are publicly available. Contact us to request a case that fits your domain.


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