Our mission: make people happier.

Yes - it is our mission to make people happier. We do this by focusing on one of the aspects of life we spend a large portion of our time on: work. It is bordering insanity that the majority of people are not fully happy with the work they do - something that gets us up every day as we want to change this!

Only 30% of employees are engaged and committed.

While we work a large portion of our lives, less than a third of us seem to really enjoy what we do and who we do it for. We believe we can help society change this for the better by finding people the jobs they love for organisations they believe in!

We believe that the gap between an employer and their employees in our current society is needlessly large and we also profoundly believe that knowing what makes either side tick is the most crucial factor in closing that gap.

This is the reason why we focus on creating clever, highly innovative methods that focus on increasing the happiness of an employee's work and the employer's satisfaction of that happier employee. We accomplish this through digitalization and advanced AI methods that go beyond standard recruitment methodologies while removing any form of poticial, ethnical or gender bias.

Do you support our cause? Contact us right now - we look forward to creating a better world, together!

Our method

Bringing candidates and jobs they love together

Step 1

Reaching Candidates

We want to impact the life of everyone that works. This means we need to reach out proactively! Reach people through our AI-driven chatbot advertising, on LinkedIn or with your own candidate database. Our smart advertising solutions will increase reach by up to 100% while at the same time cutting costs in half. Of course we integrate with all chat platforms.

Use our scientifically proven chat flow out-of-the-box for maximum result or supply your own dialogue using our visual modeller.

Step 2

Psychometric Profiling

Did having a skill in your job ever made you happy? Of course not! It's the connection you have with your employer, direct colleagues and boss that makes your work a happy place. Using advanced AI-based natural language processing, we construct a psychometric- and skill-based profile from plain text.

By creating psychometric profiles on conversations, CVs or any other form of textual input, the burden of assessment on the candidate is significantly lowered from atlernatives such as game-solving, (online) psychology tests or even worse, face-to-face offline expert assessments.

Step 3

Find that Perfect Match

Of all employees that are not engaged and committed at work, more than 80% indicate that this is because of a mismatch in culture, not because of a mismatch in what they actually do.

Remove bias and hire based on hard data

VitAI has learned what types of personalities go well with which types of jobs, teams and companies. Even more so, it uses reinforcement learning to train itself over time and get better at matching people with their dreamroles while never introducing any bias.

  • Save Time

    Take a step back while the internet is being searched for that ideal candidate

  • Cut Costs

    Assessment agencies, recruitment agencies and third-parties are a thing of the past

  • Remove Bias

    VitAI only looks at personality and skills and will never judge a candidate on age, gender, ehtnicity or other demographics

You're in good company!