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We've launched our customer profiling tool CEMistry!

We've launched our customer profiling tool CEMistry!


Because your audience expect a vastly different user experience with you today than they did over the past decades, being in touch with your audience and knowing what drives them is essential for any business.

We are a small and innovative startup consisting out of a handful extremely bright people. Add to that our ability to see the bigger picture and you have the winning combination that is UnderstandLing. Our tool CEMistry combines many expertises into a single solution and is something that many large organization have pursued creating in the past, failing in their attempts.

We believe that no one knows your business better than you. It is our philosophy to provide you with the right tools and solutions to create your own insights and help you interpret them. Instead of providing yet another silo-solution that only polludes your landscape, we bring you an integrated and real-time solution that puts your audience central.


Big Data Engineer
Big Data Engineer

As a big data developer, you will be working on CEMistry and implementations thereof with our clients. You will be working mostly from home, with daily updates with your colleague developers and weekly updates with the entire team. You will work on challenging problems ranging from scalability in the billions of records to application of sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

Your Profile

  • [MUST] Speak Java(-oriented languages) like a boss
  • [MUST] Familiarity with big data tools
  • [MUST] You live in the Netherlands
  • [MUST] Experience with bootstrap, HTML5, CSS and Javscript
  • [NICE] Proven experience with MongoDB
  • [NICE] You know what we mean by regression, decision trees, SVM, NB
  • [NICE] You know Akka is the best thing since sliced bread
  • [NICE] When someone asks you to play a game, you think of Play!
  • [NICE] Experience with software like nginx, docker, travis
  • [SUPERB] Deep Learning has no secrets for you
  • [SUPERB] You are in love with Scala
  • [SUPERB] Seen and tried Tuktu (and hence of course love it!)


CEMistry Is The Only Realtime Human Profiling Tool

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With our tool CEMistry, we provide an integrated and real-time tool that collects and interprets your audience's touchpoints and behavior. Doing so, it is able to create increasingly enriched profiles of who your audience is and what drives them.

CEMistry assigns any touchpoint to one of four domains: web, mobile, text or CRM. For each domain, the touchpoint is analyzed differently. Textual touchpoints such as e-mail, social media, blog posts and transcribed customer center calls for example, are enriched using natural language processing such as emotion analysis, topic detection and summarization.

Behind each touchpoint is an actual person, your audience. CEMistry also uses the touchpoint to learn about this audience. Every touchpoint on its own will give CEMistry information on who the consumer is and adding touchpoints up over time increases CEMistry's completeness and accuracy on each consumer's profile.



Every webpage, portal and event is captured. Customer journey brought to life and profile enriched based on shown content and behavior.


Both mobile web and native apps are analyzed. Touchpoints generated by app usage is analyzed and used for profile enrichment.


Any human-written textual source can be analyzed. Emotion analysis and author profiling help create psychological consumer profiles.


Any structured data source residing in your organization can bring CEMistry to your own domain - for example CRM, transactions and financial data.


CEMistry enriches touchpoints and profiles on the fly, without any delays. Realtime alerts and KPIs help you increase value to your audience.


CEMistry offers readily available dashboards and insights. Its main strength though is that you can create your own in a simple and user-friendly way.


CEMistry is a Consumer Experience Management solution that creates a fundamental starting point from which any consumer-centric process can be facilitated. As such, it shares similarities with numerous popular tools currently available that each offer a silo solution. The diagram below depicts how CEMistry relates to each of these tools.

All of the mentioned tools focus on one or at most two of the areas CEMistry focuses on. This results in rigid silo solutions that do not integrate well with others. CEMistry instead focuses on integrating any form of data and combine it into a single consumer experience management solution.

While CEMistry will be able to cover 95% or maybe even 99% of each of these tools individually, it's primary application is not to compete with these tools since it tackles a whole different challenge. If you are looking for a best of breed web analytics or text analytics solution, CEMistry will most likely not be your first choice, even though it has most of the desired features. If, however, you are looking for a more strategic and versatile solution that fundamentally answers questions across the entire consumer experience, CEMistry is the only tool that can help you.

Replacing one of the mentioned tools with CEMistry is perfectly feasible as long as the 95% overlap is sufficient for you - which in many cases, it is. Alternatively though, since CEMistry is designed not to be a silo solution, it integrates seamlessly with all of the mentioned tools, using them as sources for further analysis.

CEMistry landscape



RNW First To Analyze Burundi Language
NL Municipalities Quantify Success
CEM Market Survey
CEM Market Survey


The advertised cases above show only a limited amount of cases that UnderstandLing has done since these are ones that are publicly available. Contact us to request a case that fits your domain.


CEMistry's main application is to profile humans on behavior, be it your audience, customers or generic consumers. This fundamental layer allows for any audience-centric application on top of it that will benefit from it. Read about some ideas on what you can do with CEMistry or contact us for more information.

In staffing, it is essential to find the best candidate with an open position. Research has shown that when employees are matched against positions they like best, they will automatically be happier and perform better at the job. Likewise, similar research has shown that happy and performant employees lead to happier employers. Optimizing candidate matching is hence core in staffing.

Current matching schemes often utilize lengthy databases constructed over time with candidates. These databases list demographics and some hard skills like education, experience and previous roles. The way of working with this data is limited to:

  1. Candidate CV building on hard skilss
  2. Matching against positions
How often have you asked yourself whether a candidate had the right attitude or right personality? Usually this requires a face-to-face contact or hiring expensive aassessment agencies

Using CEMistry's profiling capabilities, new opportunities arise in this process:

  • Because CEMistry monitors external sources in realtime, it can proactively scan for candidates
  • Using CEMistry's profiling, soft skills become available too
  • Integrating CRM with CEMistry will combine the soft skills with hard skills, creating a superior candidate profile
  • Matching will improve because the profiles are more elaborate
  • Existing or placed candidates will not stay put forever - CEMistry will continuously monitor retention for you
With these new capabilities, the process for the staffing industry becomes more elaborate and complete:
  1. Scan candidate market for new potentials
  2. Candidate CV building on hard and soft skills
  3. Matching against positions using more accurate candidate profiles
  4. Monitor the happiness of matched workers and rematch if necessary, continuously update their profile

For media agencies, knowing the audience you are talking to is core business. But do you really know who your audience is? Sure, you probably know its population size or a rough estimate thereof and some basic characteristics that you probably validate every now and then with surveys on a small panel, but do you really know who they are, when they are active, what motivates them, how they interact? Most likely not.

UnderstandLing has a proven track record in monitoring online media for audience analysis. Mapping out topics of interest, influential individuals in your audience and matching content with demand are just a few example of what audience analysis can bring you.

Especially interesting is to set up KPIs and alerts in CEMistry that monitor your audience digitally. The need for moderators to continuously monitor discussions and discourse becomes obsolete as CEMistry will be able to automatically do this for you and let you know when something goes off from expectation. You can even go one step further and automatically push content that matches the current mood and interest of your audience, even on an individual level.

Media will not be the same anymore!

Online sales monitoring is constantly evolving and metrics expand all the time. Click-through rates, social media engagement, email open rates, conversion rates, keyword ranking, bounce rates all compete for your attention. This is not even considering the audience you are trying to reach and their profiles!

This overwhelming area full of data is what essentially comprises your sales funnel. CEMistry enables you to monitor everything in realtime:

  • Your market and its potential
  • Your competitors
  • Potential leads
  • Acquisition success
  • Retention
  • Cross- and up-sell
Using the advanced profiling CEMistry offers, this can be pinned down to the level of an individual. Or aggregate up to specific target audience to enhance your campaigns.

Of course it is interesting to know how your business is faring, but do you know how your competitors are doing? Right now?

CEMistry enables you to tap into open data that is readily available and makes sense of what is going on. It can help you create a complete view of your market's movements, who the key players are, what is current trending and enables you to act on this information directly.

Zoom into an individual level and get detailed information about your customer base and that of your competitors.

Ask yourself this: do you know where your competitors' customers live, how old they are, what their current mood and interests are? Well, now you can!

Who would not want to know what their audience is thinking? The demands of your audience differ per individual person. Predicting the next-best-action (NBA) allows you to respond to your audience in a timely manner, keeping everyone satisfied.

Map out which consumers are dissatisfied and learn why. Help them.
Map out which consumers are happy and why. Leverage these ambassadors.
Never forget your biggest group of mostly passive consumers. They are your organization’s beating heart. Cherish them, making sure they can grow to become ambassadors and prevent them from turning dissatisfied.

With tailored communication towards every individual consumer – based on accurate information – you can do exactly this; always perform the next-best-action.


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